Long-time cruisers are more likely to have a day routine. Come may spend time in a poolside bar, some will head to the buffet and others will explore the ship while taking photos and posting it online, others might start unpacking their belongings in their respective places while others are pooping seasickness medicines. If this is the first time you got a vacation packages from boston and is not familiar with the routines in a cruise ship, here are some list of do’s and don’ts on your embarkation day.

Do start your vacation with a tropical drink. Just don’t assume that the drink offered by the waiter is free.

Do tour the ship and plan to which eateries and bars you want to go in first. But it is recommended that you start from top to the last one in the bottom.

Don’t go straight to buffet area because it will be the most crowded place on embarkation day because everyone is hungry for lunch. Some dining venues are open for lunch and are not that crowded.

Do take photos whenever you can and wherever you can. From the ships rail before boarding to the cabin that is still in pristine condition. Take pictures of interesting spots before they get crowded and you could post them online to make friends jealous.

Don’t take the elevator when you don’t have to because it is slow and full of passengers and crew and most likely to stop in every level.

Do arrange saloon and spa schedule. This is the most popular treatment times and are easily gets fully booked. If you are not sure on what you want, just taka a tour on spa’s, you might avail a free massage sample and might win a free treatment in the raffle on the first day.

Do take a splash in the pool or have a hot tub for they are not yet crowded on the first day.

Do make a specialty dining reservation but its better if you have books it online before the trip.

Don’t forget to checked in the kids at the kid’s club if you have little ones with you. There are often introductory sessions for kids to get acquainted with the facilities, same with adults also.

Do book tours on shore, ask the tour desk of the question you might have because some tours are only limited and the slots are easily sold out so it’s better if you have booked early.

Do reserve a space on cabanas, space is limited especially if you would book it for the sea day.

Do make your last tweets and text while you could access land-based cell towers. Roaming and internet fees onboard are expensive.

Don’t assume that your cabin is pristine order. Check for bugs and sanitize what you have to check out the lights and test the TV.

Do watch the sunset on the ocean, visit the welcome show, have a peek at the casino and check the disco lights and start your party tonight.